Claude COSTANTINI from 2005 to 2015 – Associate Architect and Designer
Claude Costantini
Stade de France

Born April 17th 1947, of French nationality, graduate from the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) then DPLG architect from 1974 to 2011, registered under the regional number 7776 and national number 17095, teacher at the Architecture School of Paris La Seine, I created my atelier succeeding B. De la Tour d’Auvergne, an architect for whom I was the main collaborator then the architect for the realization of the ENST in Noisiel in 1976 .

Associated with Michel Regembal since 1979, we have created our agency CR Architecture in 1987. Winners of numerous national and international competitions, we became the prime architects of numerous administrations (justice, finance, education, culture, veterans), local communities  as well as in numerous countries (China, Vietnam, Germany, Hungary, Morocco, Cameroon)

I signed with Michel Regembal and SCAU, our emblematic project Stade de France by winning the international competition launched by the French state in 1994 .

Since then, we have developed our activities in urbanism and work of art domains, in France as well as in foreign countries. The CR agency created in Hanoi (Vietnam) in 1998, has realized numerous urban and architectural projects.

Settled in Casablanca (Morocco) and associated with the architect Abdellah El Ghrari (AGA) since 2011, I am specialized in industrial and aeronautical architecture.